Wool Warp Navajo Rug Warp - 8oz ball

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This natural white wool warp is the same warp yarn used in Navajo rug making. The 8oz ball makes it easy to warp your loom. Excellent for use in any of your hand weaving projects, from tapestry weaving to rug weaving to textured wall art.

It is spun tightly and is very strong. It will hold up under the pressure of a tightly wound warp on your frame loom, peg loom or Navajo style loom. It is not recommended for use with Mirixx looms or harness type looms.

The wool in this yarn is entirely produced in the U.S., from the sheep farm to the family owned spinning mill.

Undyed Natural White Wool Warp
Single Ply
100% Wool
8oz ball (226 grams)
560 yards (512 meters)

Other sizes of warp are available in the Navajo Yarn section.

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