Natural White Mohair Roving

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Shiny and lustrous, yet slightly courser and heavier than the wool, I am almost certain this is mohair. As a mill end piece, nothing is labeled and it's always a surprise. This one is a sort of 'at your own risk' kind of fiber and is priced under value.

Assuming it's mohair, here's some facts: Mohair doesn't felt well, but makes an excellent spinning fiber. Can also be used as roving in a weaving. Mohair also dyes beautifully, so you should get some rich colors out of this if it's dyed.

It has been carded and washed and is ready for any of your fiber art needs. 

Sold by the ounce (28 grams). 

Since this is a mill end, each ounce may or may not be one continuous piece. Each piece varies in length and thickness.

Limited quantities available!

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