Acid Dyeing Refill Pack

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A small batch dyeing pack for acid dyeing wool, silk, mohair, angora and other animal based fibers using fiber reactive dyes. Everything in this kit will dye up to 12 skeins of yarn.

Use this dye pack to dye yarn, embroidery thread, silk scarves, and any other small item you can think of made from animal based fibers.

Dye colors included:

Black dye does not get true black on wool, and therefore, is included as an optional add-on. It will get true black on silk.

Due to the weight of the citric acid it is also available as an add-on item and includes the extra cost to ship. The alternative is to substitute the citric acid for white vinegar (5% acidity).

If you have excess of any materials from your previous order, contact me and I will customize a kit to fit your needs.

This pack does not include instructions on how to use the materials. If you need help dyeing, look for the Yarn Dyeing Kit in the Dye Kits section.

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